So, you finally got activated for the Lightning Network on the Bitnob app. Maybe you even got your giveaway to celebrate the launch of this incredible feature.

But is there so much more you could be doing with the Lightning Network? You bet there is!

We've compiled a list of 7 things you can achieve with the Lightning Network on a daily basis. Read away!

Virtual Dollar Cards

With the current CBN limit of bank dollar cards at $100, this severely depletes the number of purchases and transactions you can conduct.

Ebay, Amazon, Netflix, Zara? You've got it all!

Not to worry, the Lightning Network has got you covered. You can now create MULTIPLE virtual dollar cards with as much as $1000 on each card spendable over the course of 60 days!!

We even created a step-by-step guide for you.

Send and Receive Funds Overseas

Have you got siblings in the US that constantly scope their big brother or sister for little giveaways every weekend?

Or did your best friend "japa" and wants to send you dollars?

Well, the whole process just got better and faster! You can now send money to anyone in the USA within SECONDS!

Here's a quick 2 minutes tutorial to get you started. Remittances just got fun-ner.

Shop at SPAR, SHOPRITE, HubMart, SLOT.

As Bitcoin continues to stamp its authority as the future of currency, we can proudly tell you that you can now do all your grocery and gadgets shopping from the comfort of your home.

Simply visit the Bitrefill marketplace, purchase a gift card, make payment with your Bitnob app, and start making your online and offline purchases with ease.


Don't act so surprised! Yes, you can now buy airtime directly to your phone with Bitcoin!

From Spectranet to Airtel data bundles, you get it all. As long as you have Bitcoin on your Bitnob app, you can purchase airtime or data bundles in minutes.

Here's how.


You can now pay for your favorite travel lodging, bookings, and reservations with powered by the Lightning Network.

Book a hotel in over 200 countries with Bitcoin now. Best part? You get rewards every time you use your gift card paid via the Bitnob app.

Get started.


Are you a huge PUBG or Fortnite fan? Start buying in-app purchases, ammo, armor, and many other weapons with Bitcoin in just 3 steps.

Don't believe us? Buy your favorite games here!

Minecraft, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and ArcheAge are some of the other games you can purchase.


These popular online food-ordering company are now accessible anywhere from the world as long as you have a Bitnob app.

Order your favorite African cuisines from the USA, Canada, and Nigeria (UberEats works with Jumia Food).

UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, Walmart, Papa John's pizza, Dominos, and many more are now available.

Good food is life, they say. Start enjoying the best meals with the best cryptocurrency today.

Remember that you need to fund your Bitnob account with Bitcoin to make purchases on other platforms that support the Lightning Network.

The Lightning Network can be used for many more things. Simply check the Bitrefill Marketplace for an extensive array of products you can purchase with Bitcoin via the Lightning Network on Bitnob.