You’ve probably heard of the term “satoshis” and “Satoshi”. They’re different but we will be discussing on satoshis aka sats

Satoshi is the anonymous creator of Bitcoin while satoshis are the units of measuring Bitcoin

100 million satoshis  = 1 Bitcoin

100,000,000 = 1 Bitcoin

That is why you’re able to buy small amounts of Bitcoin

An easy to track your journey to 1 Bitcoin is to try to get more satoshis, understanding how this measurement works helps you have a better perspective of things

When you measure in satoshis, you move the 8 zeros one from the left side and then what is left is what you have in satoshis.

0.01000000 Bitcoin = 1 million satoshis

So instead of saying give me 0.1 BTC, you can say I want 1million satoshis

0.00004890 BTC = 4890 satoshis

0.000650000 BTC = 650,000 satoshis

You’ll typically hear Bitcoiners say things like “I’m stacking sats”

Stacking sats simply means they’re gradually buying more Bitcoin but they think of it in satoshis.

So how do you plan to stack 1million satoshis  this year?

Any questions?