Bitnob Launches First Edition of Hackathon.

With the ever expanding use cases of Bitcoin, the onus is on companies who want to lead the charge into the future to build the blocks for the next big step.

At Bitnob, we aim to lead this conversation in the African Bitcoin Space.

The Bitnob Hackathon is aimed at empowering future businesses to be built in the Bitcoin space and providing their users with benefits of Bitcoin and the Lightning network.

Participants will  work in teams and must create a minimum viable product (MVP) using the Bitnob API. They must devise a solution to an issue that they believe Bitcoin and the Lightning network can address.

Participants will  have the opportunity to build, participate, and document all products for a month.

This product must be able to do the following -

  • Solve/Contribute to social or economic growth for Africans.
  • Use the Bitnob API.
  • Be a unique idea.

How To Enroll for The Hackathon -

  • To signal your interest, please Fill the form to register on the Hackathon sign up page.
  • Register as a business (Link is in the form above) in order to obtain API keys and credentials which will be used for the Hackathon.
  • For intra communications, participants will be added to a Slack channel regarding all information about the Hackathon.

Team -

The ideal team should be made up of at most 5 team members, consisting of -

  • A Frontend/Mobile engineer
  • A Backend  engineer
  • A Product manager
  • A Product designer

Rewards -

The Top three teams of the Hackathon will be awarded with prizes.

First -  $2500

Second - $1500

Third - $1000

Consolation prizes for other top participants.

Criteria for winning -

In the selection process, priority will  be given to:

  • A working MVP that is hosted.
  • The definition of the problem and the solution must be in sync.
  • A practical MVP that solves a key social or economic issue for Africans

Hackathon Schedules.

October 7th 

Registration begins

October 31st

Registration closes and Hackathon begins. 

November 30th

Teams submit video links and link to a working MVP. 

December 10th

Winners are announced. 

Good luck!