Hello, Nobles and Bitcoin enthusiasts. The offerings on the Bitnob app keep multiplying with every passing day.

Today, we are starting a series of How-To's to help Bitcoin and Bitnob become a better paerrner with your daily activities.

Did you know you can now buy airtime on any network with Bitcoin in your Bitnob BTC Wallet? Want to learn how?

We've got you covered with our quick tutorial on how to buy airtime with Bitnob.

1. Go to the Bitrefill marketplace

2. Click on the network you wish to recharge

3. Input your phone number and choose the amount you wish to recharge in naira. Click on "Purchase"

4. Click on the Trolley icon at the top right hand corner of the screen to Add To Cart

5. Add your email address to checkout

6. Choose your method of payment (Lightning BTC)

7. After choosing the preferred mode of payment (Lightning BTC), you will get an invoice to copy to your Bitnob app for payment.

8. Once you have copied the invoice, launch your Bitnob app

9. The app will automatically detect the invoice and launch you to the BTC Wallet page


10. Click on Wallets > BTC WALLET > SEND

11. Tap the 'Send Via Lightning" option

12. Paste the invoice from Bitrefill into the text box.

13. On the Bitnob BTC Wallet, simply click on Send to complete the transaction.

14. Your airtime voucher wi be credited to your phone within seconds after your Bitnob BTC Wallet has been debited.

Voila! Now, that you have learned how to buy airtime with Bitcoin on the Bitnob app, what ate you waiting for?

Fund your USD wallet and start enjoying all the perks of the Lightning Network ⚡⚡