The use cases of Bitcoin keep expanding with the introduction of the Lightning Network. At Bitnob, we believe Bitcoin is the ultimate form of currency and your ticket to true financial freedom.

Have you been frustrated by the constraints of the African banking system? Not to worry, with our Lightning Network integration, you can now create and fund your virtual dollar card with Bitcoin in your Bitnob BTC Wallet.

Below is a simple tutorial to help you get started, Nobs.

  1. Download the Bitnob app on Android or iOS.

2. Visit the Pay With Moon website.

3. Click on the “Add To Browser” button on the website homepage.

4. Click on “Add to Chrome” to download the extension.

5. You will be automatically redirected to the Successful Installation Page.

6. Click on “Sign Up” and complete the registration process.

7. A verification code will be sent to complete your registration.

8. Voila, you’re in and ready to create your own virtual card.

9. Click on “Create A New Card”

10. Input your details/ Fund your card

11. Complete your transaction. Note: Your card is ONLY valid for 60 days.

12. Click on “Yes, Create Card”

13. You will be redirected to the payment page

14. Copy the Lightning Network and make payment from your Bitnob app.

15. When you launch the Bitnob app, it will automatically detect the invoice and redirect you to the BTC Wallet payment page where all you need to do is press “SEND”

16. You have now created and funded your Virtual Dollar Card!

Now, you can start enjoying international purchases with your Bitnob account. It’s all about the easy life with Bitnob.