You may have heard the wonders of the Lightning Network and probably wondering how you can receive via the Lightning Network on Bitnob. It's simple, all you need to do is follow this tutorial.

To send Satoshis (Bitcoin Units) via Lightning Network on Bitnob,  follow the steps below -

  • Log into your Bitnob account
  • Click on Wallets
  • You will see your BTC wallet page
  • Click on Receive , it will take you to a page to choose how you want to receive BTC
  • Click on Receive via Lightning
  • Fill in the details of the transaction you want to receive
  • Your transaction will appear in both USD and Satoshi, Click on "Create Invoice"
  • You will see your created Lightning invoice. Click on SHARE to send the invoice with the sender or you can copy by clicking the COPY icon below the invoice and send. You can also share the QR CODE for the sender to scan.

Your Lightning invoice expires in 1 hour, so the faster you share the faster your payment.