Hi, there!

Are you here for a quick "How To Send Via Lightning Network" tutorial on the Bitnob platform?

We've got you covered.

To send Satoshis (Bitcoin Units) via Lightning Network on Bitnob,  follow the steps below -

  • Copy the invoice as provided by the recipient, after which you will see a pop up about the invoice copied on clipboard. Click on "yes, please" to confirm that you want to use the invoice copied for a transaction.

This step will automatically takes you to the transaction page.

Alternatively, you can choose the steps below -

  • Log into your Bitnob account and click on Wallets
  • You will see the BTC Wallet page, it should look like the image below -
  • Click on Send
  • You will see different options to send BTC through, click on "Send via Lightning"
  • Proceed to the Provide Invoice page
  • Copy and paste the Lightning invoice.
  • Click on "Send" and input your transaction PIN to finalize your payment via the Lightning Network. You will receive a notification about the success of your transaction.