Sometimes I fantasize about playing games for a living. Maybe I’m watching too many Twitch streams for my own good. 😂

My newfound obsession got me wondering if it’s possible to earn bitcoin playing games. I wasn’t much of a gamer until I discovered that it’s possible to play and earn bitcoin with THNDR Games.

THNDR Games is a bitcoin gaming company. They currently have 4 games to their name and they don’t look like they’re going to slow down any time soon. Personally, Thndr Bay and Satsss are my favorite. But you should also check out Turbo 84 and Bitcoin Bounce.

Here's a video of me playing Bitcoin Bounce

Although crypto-based play-to-earn games started in 2017 with CryptoKitties, the first bitcoin game dates as far back as 2010.

BitcoinFX, a user on the BitcoinTalk forum, organized the first bitcoin poker game in March 2010. In a thread titled “The Worlds First Sudo-Anonymous Poker Tournament”, he said “I enjoy playing online poker (Texas Holdem ) and so I've decided to run a tournament with Bitcoins! No 'real' money will change hands….I will be playing and hosting the game and providing the 1000 Bitcoin added prize pool.”

Screenshot of BitcoinFX's post on the BitcoinTalk forum

Fast forward to today, bitcoin was able to come into the gaming scene through the layer 2 protocol, lightning network. This makes it possible for users to play games and earn bitcoin straight into their bitcoin wallets.

Aside from giving people a new way to entertain themselves and put some sats in their wallets, bitcoin games have turned into an effective orange pilling tool. That’s how I was able to orange pill my non-tech-savvy mom. Now she stacks satoshi every day with THNDR Games.

So, it was exciting to have Desiree Dickerson, CEO of THNDR Games, and Jack Everitt, Founder of THNDR Games on the Nobcast share more about the story behind their bitcoin gaming company and each of the games they’ve created.
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