What Does DCA Mean To You?

To me, DCA means saving towards a goal through gradual but consistent accumulation. There are many reasons I save and I know people also save for many reasons, like -

  • Rent
  • Detty December
  • School fees
  • Baecation
  • Spoil Bae
  • Harvard
  • Japa

These are a few titles users have given to their DCA plans on Bitnob.

Saving can be tough, due to things like inflation, currency devaluation, and even the discipline to see it through.

All these are fixed with DCAs powered by Bitnob. With as little as $1 daily or weekly, you can join the league of investors globally who are more likely to earn a profit doing DCA compared to lump sum investing.

So what is DCA?

DCA, also known as Dollar Cost Averaging is an investment strategy that proposes periodic and timely acquisitions of a given amount of Bitcoin or stocks. A simple example is buying $10 worth of BTC on a weekly basis, irrespective of the current market price.

Bitnob utilizes the DCA strategy through its plan to help users invest in Bitcoin and acquire satoshis regardless of the price of Bitcoin in the market. Over time, we have seen new users fall in love with DCA and in turn become evangelists of the DCA gospel. If you are one of such people, Bitnob would love to reward you!


Simply make a short video of yourself telling us what DCA means to you and what DCA has done for you, post the video using #MyBitnobDCAstory, tag @bitnob_official on Twitter and mention five friends who do not know about DCA. The top five videos with at least 100 retweets by 15th of September 2021, will receive $100 each.

Tick tock, time is going...